Rainbow dragon
Rainbow Dragon
Genus: Draco





Coloration: Every color of the rainbow
Habitat: The sky; they never land on the ground

Rainbow dragons (Draco arcus) are elegant, beautiful dragons that are close relatives of the light dragons. Quetzalcoatl prizes them as one of his most colorful and wonderful creations.


The history of the rainbow dragon is largely unknown but the first one was sighted during the American Revolutionary War. Shortly after it appeared, the war ended and America became a nation. To this day they are revered as incredibly sacred animals and a symbol of peace.


Rainbow dragons are graceful, beautiful creatures. Their feathers give them their name, shining with every color of the rainbow; however, anything else about their appearance is uncertain, since they are very rarely seen. Most of the time, you can only see them in their gaseous form as a distant rainbow. On rare occasions, you can see two of them: a double rainbow.

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