Infinity dragon
Infinity Dragon
Genus: Draco



None known


Coloration: Pure gold
Habitat: Unknown

The infinity dragons (Draco solem) may well be among the most powerful dragons in existence today. They are the most mysterious and least well-known of the five elemental dragons and are sometimes called sun dragons, solar dragons or golden dragons.


Since nothing is known of its history, only that it exists, we will discuss its appearance. The infinity dragon has pure golden scales and enormous wings; nothing can penetrate its hide. It breathes a thick column of pure solar energy, hot enough to melt its enemies with a single breath. Its powerful, whiplike, tail and long, needle-sharp claws give it an appearance not unlike its extremely distant relative the light dragon.


It is theorized that infinity dragons were born when a fire dragon collided with the Sun. Fire dragons cannot be harmed by fire, so instead of being burned and killed, it absorbed the energy of the sun and became the first infinity dragon.

Please note that this is only a theory which has never been proved. Scientists have yet to discover the intelligence, habitat and history of the infinity dragon. They also have not assigned it a species name, although they are quite sure it is from the Draco genus.

Distant cousinEdit

The moon dragon may somehow be related to the infinity dragon but as of yet, researchers and historians have not managed to conclusively link the species. Still, they look very similar (only with different colored scales) and they complement each others' power, as the sun and the moon themselves do. However, they appear to be enemies, like most opposite types of dragons.

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